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Welcome to Williams and Associates, RPO

      There has never been a more difficult time with respect to hiring. With the Great Recession of 2008, businesses have realized all too painfully the costs associated with acquiring and obtaining top talent for their companies, while balancing the time and effort for such acquisition.
      Growth comes with a price. The cost of advertising for a position, the time spent in the interview process, and training and development of the eventual hire costs companies large amounts of time. The market is flooded with candidates who are vying for the limited number positions that exist and by virtue of that fact, the hiring process becomes arduous and intensive, often distracting management away from their primary function, which is effectively managing their organization and growing their market share. Recently, due to cutbacks in Human Resources, many companies have adopted the RPO (Recruitment - Process - Outsourcing) model. It truly is an effective way to market and supplant a needed position with expediency and efficiency.
      Here at Williams and Associates, we have adopted a model that works. When we partner with a company, we don't just take a job description. We want to learn all that we can about the organization. We want to know what makes you tick, so to speak. We even like to meet your team prior to beginning our process. We understand the importance of "culture" and how that affects symmetry within an organization. Also, we understand the sense of urgency that comes with a need, and we will never take on more than we can handle. Our goal is to provide you with the very best of what is out there, each and every time, and establish an intimate, long-term relationship, giving you the confidence that as you grow, you can count on us for the expertise and alleviate any doubt that the hire you made was the right one.

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